If you are using Netscape 2.0, go to your "Options" menu, then "General Preferences", then click the "Fonts" tab. If you select "Times 14" for the proportional font, and "Courier 10" for the monospaced font, you'll be seeing the layout as I intended. Do the same for other browsers, of course.

Some chapters, such as The Supreme Court vs. The First Amendment, may be too long to read on-line. In that case, download the whole PDF file, go off-line, then print to your laserwriter on three-hole punch paper. To save paper, you can reduce the font size before printing.

This book will make the most sense if you start at the Introduction and proceed from A to Z. Subsequent chapters rely on the prior ones.

Okay, now it's time to enter First Amendment world! Are you strapped in?