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Many people have seen the films of Stanley Kubrick, but not all of them are aware of the extraordinary level of depth to be found in that director's work. To those who are interested in knowing more, this FAQ will tell everything it knows.

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For those who don't like "spoilers," be forewarned. There are many "spoilers" here. If you don't want to have details of the films revealed to you before seeing them, stop reading this FAQ now!

This FAQ would not have been possible without the contributions of the people who frequent the ALT.MOVIES.KUBRICK newsgroup on USENET. Thanks to them.

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  • How is this FAQ, D, different from FAQs A, B, and C?
  • What will Kubrick's new film, AI (Artificial Intelligence) be about?
  • Tell us something about Kubrick.
  • What are the similarities between Kubrick and James Joyce?
  • What are some anagrams for Kubrick films?


    Detail from Diane Arbus photograph

  • What are some brief insights on DR. STRANGELOVE?
  • Just who WAS Dr. Strangelove, really?
  • Is truth stranger than fiction?


  • What are some themes that seem to be present in 2001?
  • What is the difference between metaphorical and literal interpretation, and what does it have to do with 2001?
  • Is 2001 "too slow"?
  • What did Kubrick have to say about what 2001 "means"?
  • What did Kubrick say is the plot of 2001?
  • What are some brief insights on 2001? A large collection of details and interpretations on this very complex and ambiguous film.
  • What is another view of the plot of 2001?
  • Is 2001 "a major disappointment"?
  • When people say that 2001 is a film on different "levels," what do they mean?
  • Who is Margaret Stackhouse?
  • So what did Ms. Stackhouse have to say?
  • Were there any other comments by fans?
  • What did Penelope Gilliatt have to say about 2001?
  • What was the longest review in the HARVARD CRIMSON?
  • Why would Kubrick think "man" is little more than a high-tech chimp?
  • Do the stages of the human race correspond with the ages of the human being?
  • What are some outside references Kubrick refers to in the film [intentionally or otherwise]?
  • Why does Kubrick include a shot of a leopard in THE DAWN OF MAN sequence?
  • What are some relevant passages in THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA that pertain to the film?
  • Has anyone ever figured out the ending of 2001?
  • Is 2001 "ironic"?
  • Is the ending of 2001 really pessimistic? Optimistic? Either? Other?
  • How does Kubrick define Bowman through Poole?
  • Did HAL "err" on purpose?
  • Why does HAL have one eye?
  • Is there a connection between 2001's HAL and THE SHINING's Jack Torrance?
  • Is there a connection between 2001's HAL and a very famous film director?
  • Is there a connection between 2001 and Beethoven's 9th?
  • "Explosive Bolts": Friend or Foe?
  • What are the instructions to the "zero-gravity toilet"?
  • What are some quotes from the film?
  • Kubrick commissioned a score for 2001 from Alex North (a very fine film composer) but did not use North's score (subsequently recorded and released on CD). What did Alex North have to say about his work on 2001?
  • Why should you see 2001 on a big screen?
  • What formal recognition did 2001 receive?


  • What are some brief insights on ACO?
  • Does ACO speak the voice of fascism?
  • Why does Kubrick quote Rossini's THE THIEVING MAGPIE in ACO?


  • What are some brief insights on BARRY LYNDON?
  • How does Kubrick use camera technique to draw character?


    Diane Arbus (lighting altered)

  • What are some brief insights on THE SHINING?
  • Why is the date in the picture July 4?
  • Can THE SHINING be seen as a portrait of a dysfunctional society?
  • The shadow of the helicopter in the opening sequence: did Kubrick slip?
  • What did Pauline Kael think of THE SHINING?
  • Does Kubrick use a technique described in THE ART OF MEMORY?


  • What are some brief insights on FULL METAL JACKET?
  • Many see FULL METAL JACKET as a two-part film. Is there an alternative view?


  • How does the game of chess relate to Kubrick's world-view?
  • What stylistic devices/techniques/approaches does Kubrick use?
  • What was Kubrick's reaction to the Steadicam?
  • What films has Kubrick done, and what are the credits?
  • What Academy Award nominations has Kubrick received?
  • What are some off-line references to Kubrick?
  • What are some on-line references to Kubrick?
  • Where can you get screenplays to Kubrick's films?
  • Are there any other Kubrickian films out there?
  • What were Kubrick's favorite films?
  • Many people see Kubrick's film as "art", not "entertainment." What's the difference?
  • After Kubrick, what?
  • Who contributed to this FAQ?