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           The following people have contributed to this FAQ:

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                       Geoffrey Alexander (G.A.)
                          T. Andersson (T.A.)
                       Jules N. Binoculas (J.B.)
                            R. Castle (R.C.)
                        Margaret Chesser (M.C.)
                        Christopher Chen (C.Ch.)
                           Craig Clark (C.C.)
                         Stephen Clark (S.Cl.)
                            Sean Cole (S.C.)
                        Richard Decastro (R.D.)
                          Patrick Dunn (P.D.)
                          Joseph Dudar (J.D.)
                         Alan Entwistle (A.E.)
                           "Areofilm" (A.F.)
                           John Gandy (J.G.)
                          Chuck Garavak (C.G.)
                         Michael Gaughn (M.G.)
                            Tim Gould (T.G.)
                         Gregory Griggs (G.G.)
                     James Hastings-Trew (J.H.T.)
                            Ari Kahan (A.K)
                          Barry Krusch (B.K.)
                          Joel Kuntonen (J.K.)
                         Steven Lashower (S.L.)
                            Ken Loge (K.L.)
                         Doug MacIntyre (D.M.)
                            "ModeMac" (M.M.)
                           John Morgan (J.M.)
                         Roderick Munday (R.M.)
                          Hari G. Nair (H.N.)
                          Thomas Nelson (T.N.)
                        Michael F. Otero (M.O.)
                           Gerry Palo (G.P.)
                          Charles Peck (C.P.)
                        "Roman Polanski" (R.P.)
                            C. Powers (C.P.)
                       Zachary I. Ralston (Z.R.)
                           Dan Rothman (D.R.)
                           Brian Siano (B.S.)
                          J. T. Tender (J.T.)
                        Ernest Tomlinson (E.T.)
                        Jirawat Uttayaya (J.U.)
                             Rich V. (R.V.)
                           Mike Weston (M.W.)
                         Geoffrey Wright (G.W.)
                           "Dr.Zemph" (D.Z.)
                            Jo Zuill (J.Z.)
           Jerome Agel (J.A.) [from MAKING OF KUBRICK'S 2001]
           Piers Bizony (P.B.) [from 2001: FILMING THE FUTURE]
                  Michel Ciment (Ciment) [from KUBRICK]
                        Penelope Gilliat (P.G.)


BLADE RUNNER FAQ at: http://www.uq.oz.au/~csmchapm/bladerunner/
             Compiled by Murray Chapman (muzzle@cs.uq.oz.au)



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This FAQ is currently being edited and maintained by Barry Krusch 
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Last updated: June 23, 1995

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