What are some off-line references to Kubrick?

Great book, though out of print:  MAKING OF KUBRICK'S 2001 by 
Jerome Agel, originally published by New American Library (Signet). 
Filled with reviews of the film, letters to Kubrick, behind-the-scenes 
info, photos, and a whole lot more.

GEDULD, CAROLYN. Filmguide to 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, Bloomington: In-
diana University Press, 1973. According to one USENET reader,
somewhat off-the-mark.

KUBRICK: A FILM ARTIST'S MAZE by Thomas Nelson. In-depth commentary 
film-by-film, with a brilliant analysis of DR. STRANGELOVE & 2001. May 
be too scholarly for some.

KUBRICK by Michael Ciment. Lots of photos and great insights, with 
interviews by Kubrick. A must.

THE LOST WORLDS OF 2001 by  Arthur C. Clarke. New York: Signet, 1972. 
If you're interested in early drafts of 2001, you must find a copy of 
Arthur C. Clarke's book THE LOST WORLDS OF 2001. It contains much of the 
material that Kubrick & Clarke (who really co-wrote the novel, even 
though only Clarke's name appears on the novel) wrote and then 
discarded, all of which was at one time or another intended for the 
film. (For those who don't know, although Kubrick was inspired by 
Clarke's "The Sentinel" to do 2001, they wrote the 2001 novel 
concurrently with the screenplay, as far as I know the only time this 
has ever been done.) Clarke intersplices the material with essays on 
working with Kubrick, and how they arrived at the script as we know it. 
I'm not sure whether the book is still in print, but I see it quite 
often in used bookstores. There's a lot of background information on the 
characters in 2001, as well as several alternate versions of Bowman 
meeting the aliens behind the monolith at the film's end, which was 
their original intention before Kubrick opted for a more open 

2001: FILMING THE FUTURE by Piers Bizony (Aurum Press: 1994).
Includes some neat stuff, including what appears to be the typed
pages for the orginal press release, what appears to be the entire
screenplay in novel-dialogue form, shots from 2001 that were cut,
and some fine essays. Another must. And it's in print!

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