What are some themes that seem to be present in 2001?

   Death         Infinity        Religion       Knowledge     

   God           Banality        Recurrence     Resurrection  

   Awe           Isolation       Cold           Violence          

   Determinism   Food            Innocence      Old Age vs. Childhood

   Master plan   David vs. Goliath  Cover Stories  Reason vs. Emotion

     "They're ready/not ready."      Artificial displacing the real

      Creation of the universe       Development: cocoon to butterfly

      Systems out of control         Human vs. Machine

      Competition vs. Cooperation    Birthdays

      Odyssey (journey)              The Tool

                          Depth vs. Surface

                        Earth vs. Outer Space


              Road to Heaven paved with bad intentions

                     "What goes up must come down"

       Phenomenon X is frequently instantiated in different forms

                   Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny


Few films weave together so many master themes, and few do the weaving 

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