What are the similarities between Kubrick and James Joyce?

[James Joyce, who said he was "loonely in me loneness" at the end of 
FINNEGANS WAKE, wasn't quite alone]

     -- Focus on human condition.     
     -- Focus on language (Joyce sees potential, Kubrick sees        
     -- Left their home country (Joyce to France, Kubrick to England);
     -- Integrative art (compiling from wide variety of sources master 
        myths, then integrating these myths into super-myths which 
        encompass the others);     
     -- Desire for perfection (and time spent on crafting art);     
     -- Belief in Infinity, historical cycles, spiraling recurrence,
        male/female principle, duality.
     -- Use of puns.
     -- Compression of several meanings into one; "portmanteau" word,
        Joyce, "portmanteau" image, Kubrick.
     -- Encoding meanings so that they reveal themselves only if
        the proper decoding schema is used.

             Joyce: FINNEGANS WAKE (idea of the birth/death/resurrection 
                        FINN  = end
                        EGANS = again
                        WAKE  = a) wake up
                                b) Irish death celebration

           Kubrick: HAL = IBM
                    POE = a) Peace On Earth
                          b) Code to bring back planes
                    Date on picture in THE SHINING: July 4, 1921
      -- Forcing reader to go beneath the surface to get meaning.
      -- Joyce: ULYSSES
         Kubrick: ODYSSEY

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