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Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald

NEWSFLASH: Because no one has accepted the original $25,000 challenge, the author is offering $100,000 to anyone who can disprove the claims of his book.
To this date, STILL no one has accepted the Challenge.

Rules for the JFK Challenge

Barry's video review of O'Reilly's book:


NEWSFLASH, October 11, 2012 -- Amazon removed this review!! At the time it was still on Amazon's webpage, this review was listed as the most helpful negative review of KILLING KENNEDY, and was the the second-highest rated review overall, with 126 of 179 rating as "helpful". Bill O'Reilly's people couldn't stand the heat, and had it removed. And that folks, is how you keep a myth alive for over 5 decades!!

Here is the screen capture immediately after the video was removed:

Note the large number of responses on the left review, and the ridiculously small number of responses on the right review.

This action by Amazon was so outrageous that it even met with the following blast by David Von Pein, one of the most noted commentators who holds to the view that Oswald was the lone assassin. Here is what Von Pein had to say about this attack on free speech (on the JFK Assassination Forum, October 11):

"Even though I totally disagree with just about everything uttered by Mr. Barry Krusch regarding the JFK murder case, I think it's ridiculous and unfair that Amazon has chosen to remove his video review for O'Reilly's book from the website. Barry's video review obviously met all of Amazon's requirements for a video review, otherwise it wouldn't have been allowed to go live on the Amazon site in the first place. But now, many days later, it's suddenly pulled from the site. It's ridiculous. Everybody has a right to express his/her opinion, and Barry did just that in his video review, which, as mentioned, Amazon obviously had no problems with at all for the first several days, because it was available on Amazon's site during that time period. . . .

I, for one, think Barry's video review (which is very well constructed) should be reinstated to the Amazon site. Freedom of speech is important. And there was certainly nothing in Mr. Krusch's video review that would warrant it being removed from the website."

Barry Krusch publicly challenges Bill O'Reilly:


It's amazing what you can get people to believe when you totally dominate the media, isn't it?

Below is the link to the appendix to the book:


Finally, if you were looking to download dozens of gigabytes of free research material, you've come to the right place. See below!


Maintained by Robert Morrow, this repository contains valuable out-of-print books related to the JFK assassination that are generally unavailable.

Out-of-print books archive


The photographs that prove Lee Harvey Oswald was framed.

National Archives Shells Photos, High Resolution


The bane of the Kennedy researcher is gathering materials, using up valuable time that could be spent instead in analysis. But why put in all that effort? I have over 70gb of research materials which I have compiled in the process of writing my book. Before trying to find a document or photo, check out the archive first.

Now here's the link:


After you click the link, you will be at the root folder. The screen capture below shows how to DOWNLOAD ALL. Click the check mark at [1], and click the download button at [2] to get ALL the files in the archive. NOTE: This could take a very long time, this archive will be multi-gigabytes big. If you only want to download all the files in individual folders, drill down to the folder you want, then follow the same procedure.


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