Exciting news just in! By popular demand, The New York Subway Finder is back in print!

Here is a sample from the book!

You can order this latest edition (newly revised for 2007-2008) at Amazon.com.



This web server formerly contained the contents of the 1989 edition, but times have obviously changed, and so we have removed all of the obsolete content and created all new content, which is now contained in the newly issued print edition, which will be the preferred way of delivery in the future, since it is obviously much easier to carry along a book in the subway than a laptop!

To give an example of what the content of the book looks like, we have retained the A streets section below. Be advised however, that this information has not been updated for 2007, and so the directions there are obviously obsolete. For the up-to-date information, please check out the sample, or purchase the book.


To find directions to a street, start by selecting its first letter (numbered streets start with their letters, e.g., 8th Avenue is Eighth Avenue):

"A" Streets

All contents of this server (c) 1988,1989, 2007 by Barry Krusch and Margaret Chesser.

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